Summer Camp Politics

My brother-in-law is setting up our large kiddie pool as I type. I can swim from one side to the other in 4 seconds, but it’s nice to have a small escape from the fore coming humid days of July. Friday was the end of my first day of work. I get to camp a […]

Sunday Church 

So yesterday I got abolsutely nothing done due to the snow storm that had already been in progress when I woke up and stopped a few hours before I went to sleep. But besides being trapped indoors, all of my energy and motivation had been drained, empty, and basically absent–like the sun in our sky […]

Waiting for My Person

In almost every book and novel, the main character has a best friend, a soul mate, a partner in crime. Someone who believes them that they are some magically creature and helps them destroy whatever dark villain they must face. Someone who stops everything and comes to your rescue when you’ve screwed up. Someone, who […]

Bright against the night

I’m currently standing inside of a restuarant, waiting for my take-out. It’s almost six and while the hour is still early, the night is a stained blue-black. I can see the plaza outside clearly from the large glass panels that make up the majority of the walls. Music from the earlier 2000’s hum out of […]