It’s Rosacea, not blush

My charismatic dermatologist grinned when he told me I have Rosacea, my mom’s face fell, and I gave a sarcastic smile. Luckily it’s not so bad, really mild and it’s good it’s diagnosed early. I’m just glad I know how to treat my face now. It’s a little annoying when people assume I’m blushing because I’m embarrassed or the heat–nope it’s my face. But it’s funny to respond when someone asks me what blush I use on my cheeks–it’s just my face. But I’m actually pretty fortunate in the skin department, but like every teenager it’s not perfect. And it does take some time to accept that. I truly absolutely feel comfortable in my skin–literally–because I know it’s treatable and nothing serious that I can’t handle. I don’t have to look a certain way or have a perfect complexion. My goal is just to have a healthy and natural complexion.

The more I learn about taking care of myself and ask professionals the more I’m getting healthy and the more confident I get everyday. It’s exciting, because I have other things like my education, future adventures to come, and the beginning of my career to focus on. The more I ask, read, and learn I realize that staying healthy isn’t super complicated. Just a practice of healthy habits. Genetics and chance sometimes complicate the simple recipe, but taking care of yourself psychically and mentally are essential. They go hand in hand. Dang I use so many cliches.

My mom apologized to me on the car ride for getting Rosacea– it mainly comes from genetics. I’ve seen my mom struggle with her health since I was a kid, but she’s in an amazing place now, and if inheriting her traits includes blushed cheeks then I’m all for it.

Apparently asymmetrical Rosacea occurs in 1 out of 10 Rosacea patients, hey that’s kinda cool… eh right?


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