High School Rivalries

The solid white and blue brick,

Three bold words guard the entrance

of the stretching road

fingertips split into dashes of the pedestrian walk way.

From the entrance

if one could walk straight through all the metal lockers, cubes of air classrooms, growing flames of personalities

They would stumble into the road that wraps around a tree

The bus circle has one opening: in and out the yellow rolls

Keep walking

The public park awaits

Bouncing bodies and pouncing feet play after the last bell

A Frisbee flies through the air from one olive palm to another

Backpacks are abandoned on the wood chips

Too-long legs kick off the earth to soar

tied to gravity with rusted silver chains

Puffs of toxic breaths spiral into a fog

symbolizes the mess their young minds have dispersed to

Keep walking

The chatter and laughs stay on their side, while they walk to the other side of green

A short, low building stands.

Copies of plaid saunter the inside halls

Crosses look down to the tops of brushed and braided hair

Prayers hold the sturdy walls and push against the roof

“May our words fight gravity”

although with pristine marble floors and ash black shiny shoes

It doesn’t look like the roof is about to cave in

and ruffle their golden or silver strands

Turn to the main road and

ahead lies a street, it’s sole existence for two establishments.

Keep walking.

Tides of green glow under the sunlight

They would thrive if the executioners didn’t visit so often

Tame is pretty and wild becomes too beautiful.

The older folks don’t step onto these patches of earth to worship nature

They come to feel their own control and power,

ride miles on carts, thinking the vast bordered and tamed land is theirs.

But really, what do I know?

I’m still swinging on the other side,

being in the air, I’m lost and I simply exist.

The mysterious and simple beauty others dismiss,

I embrace.

Because, this…this endless, crystal sky they could never tame.
















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