Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

*My laptop died and I fell asleep before I could publish this Friday, and yesterday I was swamped. I’ll try to write again tonight! Anyways…

Well I’m wearing my “Cinco de Drinko” shirt at Starbucks and I’m feeling a little bit chilly from finishing my frappe– which was a little too sweet for me, but hey it’s Friday, and a holiday!

It was fiercely raining earlier, like clear daggers aimed for the ground…so yeah, not pretty. But I truly had to get out of the house. I’m never able to get close to anything done in my house. There’s always someone watching TV in the living room, people chatting and bustling around the dinning room, there’s no place to sit in the kitchen but either way someone is cooking something, and I share my tiny room with an 8 yr-old, so… there’s not much space to get work done. Did I mention I live with 8 and 1/2 people? (I say a half because my mom’s boyfriend is around 5/7 days a week). Oh and we’re expecting a baby next week… my sister is pregnant for a second time! So things will definitely not be boring (although they rarely are…) Let me move on with the highlights of this week…

1)Wednesday I found out I won a raffle and I’ve been parking in the principle’s spot– today was my last day– and I can say that I’ve have finally felt true power. I could come in late, and oh look! A parking spot just for me! No merging into the street to the student parking lot, or swerving from the newbies *cough* Juniors *cough*

2)AP EXAMS ARE DONEEE. I truly feel confident! I’m pretty sure I either got a 4 or 5 on Psychology and Spanish (the AP exams score from 1-5). I just wish I chose to take more AP courses this year.

3) I had a math test yesterday–pre-calc’s mission in existence is to tear me down– but I think I did actually pretty good, I dare hope for a A or A+. My grade truly needs it. I mean I’m passing, but for my mom (and I) it’s no where near enough. But this is my last math class ever since I’m attending a communication and arts school next year.

4)Crazy family drama last week. It came up on Wednesday and a fight had surfaced on our cousin group snapchat. I demanded for a “cousin meeting”. Long story short, our family is huge. My grandfather on my mother’s side has over 75 grandchildren. (I say grandfather because my grandmother had other children that weren’t his). And I’ll just say it’s a very common thing for our family to have meetings. However, they are usually separated into generations. I’m a part of the “second generation”, but I’m closer to the ages of the “third generation” so I call them my cousins and anyone older than 25 (even though they may legally be my cousin) an aunt or uncle. I’ll go into detail another time… ANYWAYS. We had a meeting yesterday. We had about 4 fights going on, some correlated with others. We solved 3/4 which appeared to be a miracle. The beginning was rough. We established a “talking water bottle” instead of the cliche talking stick–plastic is easy to toss around–and it actually worked! Which is astonishing for my cousins. Only once someone threw something (the water bottle), there was minimum yelling, and just a few tears. The end was wrapped up with a group hug–another surprise for us– empty ice cream carts, and another follow up meeting for next week. We planned the meeting in such a rush because tomorrow is one of my cousin’s Quinceañera.



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