Preparing for A Week of Chaos

April 23rd, 2017. It’s 9:16 pm. The night sky is dark whale circling our land collecting stars with her gaping mouth. Okay, basically there’s a mosquito in our room and my niece and I are recording our possibly last moments. My brother-in-law a.k.a “Best Friend” doesn’t believe us. But I think it left, hopefully our ninja cat, Sabrina, will hunt the pest down.

Anyways… I’m writing in a rush in hopes of going to bed early. I’m going to need all the sleep I can get. All of it. This week I have to send in my deposit to commit to my dream college. But mostly, AP exams are coming up. I really should have studied more. My plan was to review for both tests this entire month but things have been hectic. So I’m cramming it all into a week. Of course I do have some faith in my teachers; they have been preparing us all year. But I’m not the best test taker–ask my SAT scores.

I love having a blog, the problem is that I never know what to write. I was thinking of different topics the other day and I simply asked one of my best friends, Sarah, what I could do. I originally kept my blog on the down-low just until I could get it up and running regularly. But I trust Sarah and I know she will only judge me when there is reason and she’s always nice about it–the way all best friends are. She simply told me to write about, well, myself.

She has a point. We all have vastly differing lives and experiences which shape our views and perspectives. My life is definitely not the “normal” around here in the suburbs. I mean a lot of us aren’t, even in the smack middle of pure suburbia we’re not Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, (although it does varies throughout the state). So why not?

I’m going to aim for honest, direct, truthful, detailed, not super lengthy (I tend to write alot…) entries which will capture colorful frames from my view of the world.

Yeah, I like adjectives.


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