The fight for education

You look at the stats of college tuition, and it’s expected to continue to rise within the next decade or two. How did higher education become so costly? From personal experience the average starting tuition of colleges and universities ranges from about 30,000 to 40,000. Now I’m excluding community colleges and financial aid. I also haven’t added the usual $13,000 to $16,000 cost of boarding, to actually live on campus. Then you have transportation costs, meal plans, money for books and basic essentials. I’ll research more into the history and reasons of increasing college and university tuition soon. I just feel frustrated and agitated when I have talented friends who got into competitive schools (ex. BU and Bryn Mawr and Colombia university) and are unable to attend simply because they were not born into a wealthy family. Or they are, but some parents simply have their fists clenched on the hundred bills they hold they can’t invest in their own children. But if my friends were raised in a household which had the costs of college in the back of their minds, and savings accounts sitting in the background, would they be the same people they are today?

Children who are born without a stable, reliable, source of income in the household are bound to experience different obstacles and challenges than those who are financially stable. But wouldn’t these differing challenges contribute to different experiences, and leading to a diversity in personality, skills and traits? Children who from a young age have had trouble  with their parents, money (etc.), are bound to become interesting characters. Many develop to perseverance, have determination, independence, and some express all they feel and hold into a beautiful skill that exceeds normal standards because of it’s authenticity and power. So if colleges have high prices, aren’t they bringing forward more children from stable families who encourage them to go to the college they choose? What about the children who have flourished from a blotched past and who strive to succeed themselves?

This is just a thought, I know the number of possible scholarships are enormous and there are many helpful contributors for students to pay for college (work studies, loans, grant, etc.), and this is defiantly not a new issue for many families in our society. But it’s something to think about, the consequences are significant.

But personally, I told my parents from the start of senior year that I would go to the college or university that has the best quality of education and most opportunities for the major I am planning to study in. If I had to pay four years of $60,000 myself, I would figure it out.

P.S. I GOT INTO MY TOP COLLEGE! I’m going on accepted students day, so I can get all my Emerson College merchandise then! I’m typically an extremely calm and composed person, so when I looked at my admissions portal and saw that I got accepted I actually screamed and my mother, niece, and sister all jumped and got terrified. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed when not on a roller coaster… odd. 🙂


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