I’m currently sitting in the back of a room we call the black box. Every side and angle is painted black–just black. The room is quite full tonight, I mean it’s not incredibly large to begin with, but there are almost 70 people currently sitting (I roughly counted). Mostly students, several alumni, and a handful of parents. I guess the room is bigger than it seems.This isn’t my first play in the black box. The first two plays I went to featured one of my good friends–that’s a big reason I went. But I truly have come to enjoy the plays…that may be why I’m not so annoyed that I’m here alone. I came because thay same good friend I mentioned earlier asked me to go with her. But she assumed I wasn’t coming, so she was sitting in the front row with another friend when I finally came in after waiting outside in my car for twenty minutes. It really wasn’t bad, and I was slightly annoyed at first, but I’m more mature than that. Atleast I hope so.


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