Waiting for My Person

In almost every book and novel, the main character has a best friend, a soul mate, a partner in crime. Someone who believes them that they are some magically creature and helps them destroy whatever dark villain they must face. Someone who stops everything and comes to your rescue when you’ve screwed up. Someone, who the other half of the times, is actually there with you, both commiting something ridiculous yet for unknown or silly resaons to be absolute necessary in the moment. Someone who you confide in and confides in you. Someone who will join your adventures and treat you with a mutual respect and understanding. Someone you can just be in complete blissful silence with, or completely ridiculously loud with. Mostly, someone who puts you first above others. Someone who chooses you.  Maybe, even someone who is happy with just you. 

It’s rare and for most people unnessary to find that person. But as someone who tends to attach easily and believes that I’m that type of person I’ve just described… I think it’s only fair to find someone who is worthy of my loyalty and would do the same for me. Because I’m a little tired of getting my heart broken,all because I just care too much.

 So I guess I just have to keep waiting patiently…

Just another random thought. 


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