Bright against the night

I’m currently standing inside of a restuarant, waiting for my take-out. It’s almost six and while the hour is still early, the night is a stained blue-black. I can see the plaza outside clearly from the large glass panels that make up the majority of the walls. Music from the earlier 2000’s hum out of the hidden speakers. 

I hear the gentle clatter of plates,cups, and utensils. 

I hear the buzzing conversations, voices overlapping others, until there’s a single chord of combined tones. 

I see the brightly lit space against the dark outside.

Parents with their children, proud of what they have yet to accomplish, hopeful and sentimental, knowing their moments now will be a memory soon. That this will be the nostalgia that reappears when their daughter and son abandon their rock collections and begin another of milestones. 

The cooks and waiters, on a rush that creates a workaholic’s high. Forgetting why they’re here and the problems that wait outside of the building, because the task at hand is presently all that carries true importance. Because the europhia of being busy produces the sense of purpose, efficency, and a beneficial distraction. 

The couple laughing over a failed attempt of eating with chopsticks. Sitting  from eachother, they couldn’t have been closer. Each individual exausted from the day, all the driving and walking and doing and thinking and discussing. Seeing the other’s smile and basking in their comforting warmth and presence, both are rejuvenated. They’ll crash once their home, but until then, the body is awake and alert and avaliable to their partner.

We are social creatures after all. We are the shining and flickering lights during the night. At the darkest times of the day, the year, of our lives, we have the ability to create our own light, our own sun–all simply to keep going. 
••Not sure what I just wrote…a combination of feelings and thoughts and observations I guess. I feel like there is some facy literary term for it…I wrote this yesterday evening and just finished it now in the class that I TA. It’s a slower day than I thought it would be. Hope everyone had a nice week, and that your day is going well. I have a lot I want to post, so stay tuned folks!


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