New Year Resolution’s Guide Pt.1

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Well it’s another new year and it’s easy to make a long list of goals and present them out loud. In that moment you truly believe they’ll all magically come true. You can accomplish your resolutions, but defiantly not magically. It takes a plan, effort, consciously thinking, and simply remembering. Since I write so much, I’ll be breaking these down into different parts.

Personally I like to write things down. Like everything down. I even plan out my skin care routine on my phone’s note pad just to have it out in print where I can visually see it and that seems to to help me remember. So one thing to work on this year is finding what works for you and a bit of how your mind works.

Eating healthy. It takes will power and a whole lot of rational thinking in my case. I’ll eat a pop tart or two and pizza once in a while, but only if 1) I’m actually very hungry 2) there isn’t anything else 3) I haven’t had it in a while. I’m working on this resolution myself, and so here is the basics of my plan (You’ll notice that meat or fish is not mentioned anywhere and that is because I’m a vegetarian, but all of my tips are pretty basic suggestions):

-Regularly clean out the kitchen, give away that huge box brownie batter that I don’t need, toss anything expired or just not fresh.

-Shop in moderation and only what you need and will regularly eat. If something catches your eye like sweet potato ships or some kind of smoothie drink, search for a small bag or 12 oz drink of it. Try it out first and see how much you would really like it. I believe it’s better to use gas and regularly take more trips to the grocery store than over-buying, or purchasing foods that aren’t fresh or as healthy.

-Try new things and make it a habit to swap regular basics for healthier options. Ex.) White bread for whole wheat bread with flax seeds, peanut butter for sunflower butter, almond milk for regular milk (milk from cows tends to have more hormones, this is just a personal preference)…Oh and I recommend trying spinach wraps!

-Eating out can be pricey and usually less healthy and beneficial for you than eating at home would be. So I also recommend finding a quick low-calorie meal you can make at home.

-Mix it up. And when out shopping keep an eye out for multi-purpose ingredients! Ex.) fruits, honey, etc.

-Fruits are friends, that want to be eaten. That sounds really weird… but I urge everyone to pick up fresh fruits like grapefruit! Smoothies are a great last-minute breakfast, or something quick to whip up and drink with a small dinner.

-Okay one last thing, healthy and big breakfast, good sized lunch, and smaller dinners. I like to construct my meals out of different foods…I don’t know if that makes sense but for lunch I could eat half of a spinach wrap, coffee (not very healthy but no one is perfect), and half a grapefruit. For dinner I’ll probably eat the other half with a quick fruit smoothie, banana, and some peppermint tea.

-Oh and I recommend finding a tea that is so good you don’t ever have to add any sugar (for me it’s peppermint).

-Okay final recommendation. Do your research! Learning about what you put in your body is something we should all do. It’s great to know what is good for what. (hmm… I might do another post related to this….)

I am defiantly not a foods expert and most of these tips are pretty basic things you’ve probably already herd. They are just personal recommendations and tips that I follow and believe to be pretty helpful for me. 




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