The air was bitter; my fingers numbed as they curled around the edges of my last-minute made poster.My voice rang loud enough that I could hear my own shouts beside all the other voices around me. This was my first–hopefully of many in the future–protests. It was on the smaller scale, the turn out was around 70 people. It was local, and created by  my very  own classmates. I talked to new people, and made a few friends. The experience was…unique and intoxicating. I never had felt so strong and existent. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but as of yesterday I am even more motivated to be involved in my local and global community. And as of yesterday I declared myself a revolutionary. And I am a feminist. And I write that with confidence and pride. I wrote a small blurb yesterday after the protest, on the notepad app on my phone, I might post it later. I hope everyone owns their voice and speaks as loudly as they can. Because sometimes one person is all it takes for the start of a change. And it takes a union of determinate individuals with a positive visiom for the future of their community as well as their world to carry out that change.


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