The Election

Over a year of campaigning, visiting, debating, and awkward commercials, have led to the 8th of November. It’s election day, and the nation seems to be swaying over a line. Both parties appear to be strong, and since it is hard to get a picture of the other side from a strong democratic state, I’m am only assuming that this election will be a close one. Just recently I have found politics interesting, and the importance of being updated on such. But this election has proven to be a bit of an outlier from past ones–due to the candidates of this year. With Hillary, we’ll have the first women president. With Trump, well there will be several big chances, and the first republican president in 8 years. Personally, I was a huge Bernie fan, and still am. I admit I’m not completely aware of everything single thing that has gone on during the presidential race, and I do not know close to everything about each candidate but I have solid ideas and visions of each one. Whatever your political party is–or if you do not even affiliate with one– I respect. And I think it is horrible and even disgusting at the point this election has stooped to at times. It’s awful to stereotype a party and their members, and pit against others who simply have a different perspective ,and opinion that develops from it, on who would fit in office without taking the time to hear the other side or at least attempt to see from their point of view. I have my 8 year old niece, who know lives with me, who once told me that the “bad people” (including criminals I believe) must be voting for Trump. And looking at her innocent, sincere, face, I almost felt as if someone just kicked my heart. I explained how those voting for Trump just see things differently than what people voting for Hillary see. There is a difference in some values, but in all, we all want the best president for the U.S.–people just don’t always agree who that would be, and who we need to rule. It’s hard to explain to an elementary schooler. And I strongly oppose on Trump’s ideas, and dislike how he behaves and speaks at times (okay pretty much all the time), Hillary is not my idea of the perfect president either. I’ll continue this later…


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