The air was bitter; my fingers numbed as they curled around the edges of my last-minute made poster.My voice rang loud enough that I could hear my own shouts beside all the other voices around me. This was my first–hopefully of many in the future–protests. It was on the smaller scale, the turn out was […]

The Election

Over a year of campaigning, visiting, debating, and awkward commercials, have led to the 8th of November. It’s election day, and the nation seems to be swaying over a line. Both parties appear to be strong, and since it is hard to get a picture of the other side from a strong democratic state, I’m […]


You know that song that makes you forget everything? This is mine. Everything blurs into a pale haze, and I close my eyes for a few seconds. I can’t relate to the exact situation in the song, and yet every word seems to express all that I feel and wish to say. I get swept […]


I am stressed. I am tired. I am alone. I sit in the quiet living room, alone with my laptop glaring at the other, larger, computer screen just a few feet away from me. College applications. Today is a deadline. I messed up on one college already, I submitted the application early to apply for […]