Palpable Motivations

I have been given an amazing opportunity, a gift from the world, a senior year miracle: a 5 day weekend. And I have so many things I really need to get done. Things I am expected to get done. But how can I with no motivation? It’s a rainy, gloomy day outside. I’m staying at […]


I’m so grateful. I sit here in one of my favorite places–my room. Coffee steams next to me, and I’ve just finished eating my takeout. This week has been quite busy, and I’ve got a fair amount of work done, but a lot still lies ahead. I’ve got a few writing assignments lying ahead–four to […]

The Art of Editing

Hi there! I’ve just started my blog and since then it has mostly just been editing. And my editing I mean trying to find the right header and an image that actually fits the entire screen. I’m not very tech savvy, contrary to the belief that all teens today are. But I managed to start […]

Daily Prompt: Value

Value is slightly subjective–at least the difference between an object or event holding a lot between a little value may vary. But I guess practically every word in every language is subjective. To me, what someone values is something that holds importance and significance to that person. I’m not sure how else I could define […]

Fall Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

My grandparent’s house had a fireplace in the living room. My grandfather chopped his own wood, stocked a large pile in the yard, and everyday he would bring several logs inside to create a fire. Everyday throughout the fall and winter the fire was lit, and it’s heat protected the entire house from the harsh […]

An Overview of My Blog

  I try to write frequently, and on a wide range of topics. There will be entries about personal stories, dilemmas, discoveries. Also posts about current issues, my opinions, and any advice or tips I might have. Please feel free to leave comments–I’d love to hear your opinion and any advice, stories, tips, that you might […]