Image result for girl studying tumblrI haven’t posted as often as usual these past two weeks, but as I start to organize and structure a few things in my life, I should have more time to write. I’ve been juggling several things, and I think I finally have a somewhat equal balance. And I think it’s essential to have an equal amount of importance of different things in our lives. Obviously, some dominant over others, either permanently or temporary. But acknowledging what holds the most value for you, and then placing certain things in a loose order, at least give an idea of what we should make time for and prioritize. The two things that hold the most value to me are: family and my closest friends, and my education. So when something else conflicts with one of these, I know my decision. I haven’t been too concerned about my physical or mental health lately, because I feel as if I don’t have time to. Yet I know it’s something I can’t really just ignore or put off, but I risk it all for what I find the most important in my life. So I’ll quit my coffee addiction, get more than 5 hours of sleep a night, start eating three meals a day, and exercise more often, once I deal with other things first.


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