It’s the Weekend

ba332b4e6dd7315955b6b912c2e6cf61The week has finally come to a close. It has felt truly like an eternity, I can’t even remember what I did last weekend. But I have several ideas for this one. This week has been stressful, and I’ll be honest, not a very cheery one. I hope to get some sleep, work on a few of my essays, catch up on some reading, plan a few projects, and finish moving into my new room. My new room currently has no furniture except a lamp, and my bed, and it’s missing curtains, blinds, a closet door, and just a door in general…But hopefully that will be fixed soon. My main goal this weekend would be to rest, re-energize, and get some things done, (as well as getting into some good habits–such as reading). Because for the longest while I haven’t been feeling so well. It must be just a combination of an immense lack of sleep, some stress, my new addiction to caffeine, and not eating as much as I should be, and some dehydration. It sounds worse than it is, but I’ll feel much better in a few days. I’ll keep this post a bit shorter than usual, but I’ll probably post later today, and hopefully about something more interesting. I might even delete this later, but I just needed someplace to think aloud and try to convince myself that I’ll be better next week, because I really don’t know. Because in reality I’m putting up a bit of a front. I start to open up and tell people how I truly am or how I feel, and in an instant I realize that some people truly don’t care. Or they truly would be in ignorance. Or I can’t trust their reaction. So for now it’s that way. And I’m betting that at some point of time, anyone could relate. I have people who really do listen and care, but I’m not the center of the universe and I just got to wait for my turn. Because really it’s just up to me to be responsible for myself, and take care of myself.


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