A Project

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Today during my psychology class, my teacher decided that she would be our hero of the day and give us a break. Because of the unexpectedly warm weather (probably due to climate change), we went outside and were left to wander around campus, the only rules were to stay out of the parking lot and stay on the property. My “study buddy” and I decided to just walk around the school. I’m not much of a speaker, I really prefer to listen and learn about others, so I asked her about a project I herd she was working on, and she spent most of the our walk explaining it. She told me how she had just started to take up photography as a hobby and was experimenting with the art.

During the summer, she began a project. She told me how she was planning a gallery–her own exhibit. I was greatly surprised. I have never herd of anyone our age accomplishing something so sophisticated and impressive. To me galleries were for rising artists, Artsy New York photographers, or professional and established foundations or companies. Not a suburban teenager. But hearing the process, and all the preparation and work she had accomplished herself, presenting a temporary exhibit did not seem impossible. Would it be hard work? Yes, of course. But such a thing is entirely possible.

My study buddy inspired me, and I found something I have been grasping for: a project. Since the beginning of this school year I have had the desire to plan something, organize, create, communicate, accomplish something marvelous and difficult. I’ve been seeking places to contribute and participate because I have this new desire–a very strong desire–to work towards something: to help others, raise awareness towards issues, etc. I guess I have this new…drive. A mysterious new source of optimism and motivation has sprung, and I just need something to put it all into–I need a palpable plan to lead me toward my ultimate goals.

I have powerful ambitions, I know this now. And I have let myself set such incredibly, nearly impossible, goals for myself because of the new sense of confidence I feel. And I believe I can accomplish whatever I wish, I simply need to be determined and hard working. But most of all, right now at least, I need a place to start. And I think that it’s a project. I’m not sure what it will be yet, but I have so many passions, interests, and concerns about our society and world I don’t think coming up with ideas will be hard. Selecting what to begin with will most likely be the true issue.


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