Palpable Motivations


I have been given an amazing opportunity, a gift from the world, a senior year miracle: a 5 day weekend. And I have so many things I really need to get done. Things I am expected to get done. But how can I with no motivation? It’s a rainy, gloomy day outside.

I’m staying at my mom’s house today, and we live 10 miles in every direction from civilization. I need human interaction, discussion, to wake me up. I’m really a people’s person, and I need to have at least one interesting conversation about culture, religion, politics, social expectations, feelings/emotions–something to make my day feel meaningful and remind me about everything I desire, love, hate in life. A conversation that reminds me that I’m not alone, and that life is stressful for everyone at most times.

There are other small things that motivate me and can make up for the lack of direct interaction. I really love libraries, for one–but that sounds like a discussion for another post. My motivations include coffee, fresh air, nice and comfortable (but not too comfortable) outfits, and rooms lit with natural sunlight flooding from the windows, and a few other things. But I have none of those. Just me sitting in my bed in the world’s comfiest yoga pants. And my little cousin and aunt downstairs who unannounced, showed up and took over my living room. They’re nice, but I don’t know them too well and I’ve tried to work around them but I’m just too uncomfortable and distracted. And I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls again, and the show is really too addicting. But I’ll get it done. I’ll figure out a way. There’s no way lack of motivation is going to stand in my way of getting my work done and being successful. I’ll get it done.




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