I’m so grateful. I sit here in one of my favorite places–my room. Coffee steams next to me, and I’ve just finished eating my takeout. This week has been quite busy, and I’ve got a fair amount of work done, but a lot still lies ahead.

I’ve got a few writing assignments lying ahead–four to be exact. Two essays for my english/public speaking class, my college essay, and my first article for the school Newspaper. I’m excited for each one, but the presence of all this work hovers darkly above. Writing papers give me stress, and anxiety. So naturally you would think I try my best to avoid them and that I would dislike essays and writing assignments. But there’s some unexplainable and unique thrill I have while writing. There’s a feeling I can only get from writing. It takes me a while to start a project, or I’ll immediately start it, type for two hours, and forget all about it until the last moment which leave extremely (sometimes no) room for proof reading and editing. It’s something I need to, and will work on. I just got to work on my process I guess. But I think that’s why I started a blog too. I get to write a little bit frequently, and it becomes a habit.

I’m so incredibly excited for my newspaper article! The thinking process has been hard, but mostly because it’s difficult thinking of a subject a population of students from 13-18 would be interested in reading about. Especially with a very delicate, trigger  sensitive atmosphere. But there’s still a lot to write about. Just not many world changing, challenging arguments to present. I write the opinions section–probably the hardest yet best section for me to write. I just value what I write, and I want it to be amazing. I have to finish going through my ideas and present them to my editor for the final decision. And then I have less than a week to write and present the complete article. *Sorry if there are grammatical or spelling errors, I’m not the biggest fan of proof reading–I know, it’s bad–but I’ll go back and edit later.   🙂


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