The Art of Editing

helloquoteHi there! I’ve just started my blog and since then it has mostly just been editing. And my editing I mean trying to find the right header and an image that actually fits the entire screen. I’m not very tech savvy, contrary to the belief that all teens today are. But I managed to start a blog… so I guess i’m not too lost within our tech world. I’ve started blogs before, a new focus each time. But the areas I chose to write about weren’t really anything I knew deeply about. So…this time I have chosen a subject I’m pretty familiar with: my life. No, i’m not really that egotistic (at least I hope I am not), but I am hoping my experiences and moments in life might not be so far off of others–off of yours. To clarify: I think besides great differences of gender, ethnicity, location, status, education, and etc., all of us have a greater similarity– we’re all living in the same time period, under the same (or a similar) society. And beyond that, there are common yet powerful emotions everyone experiences at least once in their life. They may take place in different situations, circumstances, environments, and may vary in strength; nevertheless, pain is pain, love is love, confusion is confusion. And it’s nice to sometimes remember that someone, somewhere else–possibly across the world or sitting right next to you– has had a similar experience,or is going through the same, as you are.


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